Thermal covers

Stops overnight heat loss by 3 to 4 degrees, substantially extending your swimming seasons. If your pool is heated at 30 degrees overnight with cover, the loss will be 3 degrees during 12 hours.
Without a cover, the loss will be 13 degrees during 12 hours.
This thermal pool cover is made from a number of scientifically designed materials: a wipe clean glossy blue or green polyethylene, then industrial strength woven black polyethylene, followed by a black polyethylene film. The centre layer is constructed of VolaraŽ foam.
The final bottom layer is 6mu solid industrial polyethylene to protect the cover from the pool chemicals. .

New Legislation - Jan 2017

The new pool safety legislation, effective from January 1 2017, imposes new rules that affect door alarms and spa pool lockable lids

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