BGOffice7 Quick Feature Summary

BGOffice7 is a complete inventory software application which manages all aspects of receiving and supplying goods of all types.It features full debtor and creditor control, advanced sales and purchase management, reporting. It includes a Cashbook, Service Job system, Time Sheet billing and even a integrated Vehicle System targeting the automotive service industries,

And while BGOffice7 offers powerful and extensive 'off the shelf' functionality the underlying software modules support rapid, cost effective customising for specific user requirements.

  • General
    All Windows platforms from Windows 98 forward, multi-user, multi-currency, multi-country, supporting GST, VAT, ACN, supports all Windows printers, PDF included, extensive reporting module with zoom and double page screen preview formats, program update function built in, help and full manual included

    User Preferences
    Open in full screen or window, Select background or custom logo, Offer printer selection when printing reports, Warn if invoice is below minimum markup percentage, Warn when invoicing if customer is overdue, Always invoice with current date, Suppress zero cost warning when invoicing, Check purchase history when invoicing, Show or hide inventory notes file, Show or hide customer notes file, Age customers using sale date or due date, Default to multiple customer transactions when entering payments, Allocate credits against oldest amounts, Force transaction matching to use current date, minimise Yes/No program prompts, Close program if no activity for 5 minutes, Set location of temporary files, Delete or retain temporary files after use.

  • Inventory
    Unlimited inventory items, alphanumeric code and barcode access, serialised items, colour/size subfiles, multiple sales groups, multiple pricing groups, Costing templates built in, sales group scheduling, supports bills of materials, weight and volume integration to invoice, multiple GST groups, warranty prompt note, outer packaging prompt note, Supports standard cost, weighted average and actual inventory value with FIFO or Last-Buy-Price, comprehensive re-ordering control, stock-take utilities, bulk cost and sell price adjustment modules, inbuilt costing templates, multiple bin locations, multiple warehouses, multiple commission groups, link to image file, label printing options, notes file, separate narratives with find/replace fields for invoices, purchase orders, and proposals from templates, full supplier details including cost and currency, show history of purchases and sales, control back-orders and undelivered orders

    Inventory Reports
    Sales Report, Sales analysis, Product Performance, Value On Hand, Negative Stock, Discrepancies, Back Orders by Product, Back Order Alerts, Re-Orders Required, Re-Order Alert, Re-Order Management, Orders Undelivered, Costings Analysis, Sell Price Exceptions, Pricing Matrix, Products By Price Group, Commission List, Goods Received, Product Adjustments, Goods Received, Movements Report, Master List, Price List, Extended Price List, Promotions, Consignment Stock, Stocktake sheet, Inwards Goods

  • Customers and Invoicing
    Unlimited customer accounts, supports cash sale, 7day and 20th following terms, open item aged balances, penalty interest charging option, invoices matched against payments received, aged statements in user-selectable stationery layout, assigned salesperson and territory, physical, postal, statement and multiple delivery addresses, multiple email addresses and contacts, raise invoices, sales orders, consignment notes, proposals and quotations, show complete purchase history and transaction history, vendor account reference, user defined customer profile with 40 attributes, notes file, sales call sheet prompting, email direct, remember cheque details, 12 month sales analysis, customers can be put on hold, on watch, marked as bad debt, invoice disallowed. credit limit, default invoice and packing slip quantities, set standard or special commission rates, centralised (head office) billing support, back-orders and unfulfilled sales orders, sales call schedule, loyalty card support, email distribution lists, multiple contacts in associated contacts file, set invoice alert message, option to email invoices and statements, ability to force an item on to an invoice automatically, mailing list options including email, plain paper and Dymo label options,

    Customer Reports
    Transactions, Account Balances, Sales Analysis, Selective Sales Analysis, Group Sales Analysis, Sales Call Sheets, Items on Backorder, Cash Received, Deposit Supplement, Master List, Contact List, Preferential (Loyalty) list, Statement Run, Invoice Details Report, Gross Profit Report, Credit Sales Report, Invoice Batch Reprinting.

  • Suppliers and Purchasing
    Unlimited supplier accounts, supplier group, supports cash sale, 7day and 20th following buying terms, open item aged balances, invoices matched off against payments made, email supported remittance advice, physical, postal and remittance addresses, multiple email addresses and contacts, create purchase orders and inwards goods dockets, show complete ordering history and transaction history, user defined supplier profile with 40 attributes, notes file, email direct, supplier bank details, 12 month purchases analysis, orders required, back-orders and undelivered purchase orders, email distribution lists, multiple contacts in associated contacts file, mailing list options including email, label options including Dymo, ability to disable purchase orders, make account inactive, set purchase order alert message

    Supplier Reports
    Transactions, Account Balances, Purchase Orders, Purchase Order Status, Purchases Analysis, Master List, Payment Schedule, Inwards Goods,

  • Management and Control
    Stationery Settings, Sales People / Entities, Territories, Commission Tables, Configure Automated Email, Price Matrix Discount Table Setup, Penalty Interest Control, Manage cCurrencies and Conversion Rates, Validate Centralised Billing Assignments, Extended Inventory Editing, Reset Active Deposits, Preferential Customer (Loyalty) Module Management, Aborted Point Of Sale Transactions Log, Control Customer Call Sequence, Invoice Settings and Messages, Starement Settings And Messages, Inventory Costings and Update Options, Schedule Header Control, Invoice Minimum Markup Control, Manage Transaction Data Exporting, Set Management Email Addresses, Narratives Template Management, Point Of Sale Settings, Printer Assignments, Report Engine Registration, Product Groups, Profile Labels, Purchase Order Setup, Sales Prompting - pre and post invoice messages, Security - configure users, passwords and permitted program operations, Warehouse Location Names, Tip-Of-The-Day setup, Check for Duplicated Barcodes, Create Stock Audit Baseline, Configure User Preferences

    Management Reports
    Commission Payable, Salesperson Yields, Sales Call Sheets, Trading Statement, Performance Analysis, Best Performers, Debtors Reconciliation, Accounts On Credit Hold, Sales Letters, Penalty Interest, Critical Events Log, Data Export Options, Mailing List, Email Distribution

    Included Modules
    100+ level user access control, Email Documents, Integrated Cashbook Option, Time Billing System, Service Requests (Job System), Point Of Sale (POS), Contacts Database, Email Marketing Support, Loyalty Card System, Automotive Industries Module, General Ledger ... and more
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