Our Philosophy

At A Step Ahead Early Learning Centre we aim to provide a warm, secure, home-like environment which is educational and fun while fostering quality education through play, as the children explore and interact with adults, other children and the environment.

Our programme is based on Te Whaariki - the national early childhood curriculum document, and together with this we observe the individual children's emerging interests, strengths and needs. We then use these observations to guide our day to day activities. As teachers we are committed to ensuring that learning experiences challenge the children's skills, knowledge and interests, and that they are not limited by gender, age, ethnicity, ability or background.

We value an open partnership with parents and families in meeting the needs of each individual child, and recognise the importance of a professional teaching team who are committed to their ongoing professional development. We recognise and respect the bi-cultural heritage of New Zealand, and celebrate the cultural diversity of our community. English, Maori and New Zealand Sign language are all an integrated part of our programme.

At A Step Ahead Early Learning Centre children will have the opportunities to develop:

- Respect for themselves, others and the environment
- A positive attitude towards learning
- Self help skills and a sense of independence
- Effective communication skills for a range of purposes
- Positive relationships with others
- An understanding of appropriate behaviour and boundaries
- Working theories for making sense of their world
- The ability to explore, experiment, problem solve and complete tasks
- Early understanding, knowledge and skills in literacy, mathematics, science, technology, social sciences, physical education and the arts
- A sense of humour